APARTAMENTY INNOVA ESTATE is located in the Krzyki District of Wrocław, in ul. Jesionowa, near OSIEDLE INNOVA completed in 2014 and OSIEDLE MODERNO completed in 2015. It is only a few minutes from the project site to the city centre. The immediate vicinity of the estate offers bus and tram stops, and the Wrocław Główny PKP Main Railway Terminal and the PKS Main Coach Terminal are a mere 2 kilometres from the estate. The estate’s public transport advantages are coupled with public infrastructure strengths; A primary school, a two nursery school are all in the direct neighbourhood of Apartamenty Innova. The city’s recreation areas and parks – Wł. Anders Park, Skylark Park, or Wrocław Water Park are also within walking distance.

Further information regarding the location of Apartamenty Innova:

  • Project location: ul. Jesionowa 39, 41, 43
  • Location of the Sales Office: ul. Nyska 50 (50-505 Wrocław) and the HOME BROKER Sales Offices
  • Closest supermarkets: 550 m (Simply, Lidl, and Biedronka)
  • Schools: 150 m
  • Nursery schools: 150 m
  • Healthcare clinics/pharmacy: 550 m
  • Optician’s: 550 m
  • Banks/ATMs: 550 m
  • Tram stops: 550 m (routes 8, 31+, and 32+)
  • Bus stops: 550 m (routes 110, 125, 133, 134, 145, 245, and 325)
  • Wrocław Główny PKP Main Railway Terminal: 2 km